The rise of general TR is in the 07 year history of the CS is China few out of the country team. From CEG to ESWC, TR as a nameless club has become the emerging buy csgo skins WNV club in the domestic arena rival. In several games prevented WNV. GM and CN final. And beat the very influential WNV. GM won the championship ESWC2007 Chinese District, on behalf of China team in france. Although the reason later disbanded, but TR promise Aska Rita 3# team in the next few years is still active in the China CS circle. Join the wNv Efuture TyLoo club for Chinese CS honors and their gaming dream struggle.

Devil. U's body with the same EVIL of blood, by the part of the members of the EVIL-SF team. People are most impressed with their performance on WCG2003. In China in the finals, when we put eyes focus on the China. V, atherosclerosis, and with E-Star EVIL-EZERO of noble descent on the body. Devil. U tenacious of the deus ex, all the way pass through finals. The final of E-Star, Aztec and Prodigy lose points, staged a wonderful counterattack, eventually won the Chinese District champion. Subsequently, divine DEVIL. U in the world finals and body, first qualify to the 3 wins 1 negative results group, then in the eighth finals DEVIL. U on a host of the Jedi.

It is worth mentioning is that DEVIL. U was the main squad of Alex, and later became the "China first CS tactical master, he won ESWC personal MVP and two Weg champion. He invented the nuke infield no solution rush tactics are more affected the world of the CS concept.

Valve recently announced a new ESL One Major cs go skins contest in Cologne, at the same time the qualifiers also continue to release news.

Valve announced in One Cologne ESL 2016 to host the next million dollars Major tournament.

ESL one Cologne 2016 will be on July 5 - 10 days in Cologne, Germany, held, the group stage of the competition will be held July 5 - 7 day held, eliminate stage match will be held July 8 - 10 days to return to the LANXESS arena, there was in 2015 held ESL one Cologne knockout stage of the competition.

Sixteen top CS: GO team will gather in One Cologne ESL 2016, MLG Columbo Major's top eight will be directly promoted to the next group stage. MLG Columbo Major, the other eight places for the competition will be decided by qualifying.

MLG Columbo 9-16's Major team will qualify for qualifying, they will compete with Asia, Europe, North America and the CIS region Minor tournament winning team for eight One Cologne ESL 2016 race places.

Regional Minor tournament bonus and MLG Columbo Major when maintained in line with the same as $50000. In addition , valve announced the modified player eligibility rules, to participate in the contest of recent major players will be allowed to participate in minor events, but a team can not have three or more than three players to join the major competition, such as the team has been invited to participate in the offline qualifiers or major race.

One Cologne ESL 2016 through the ESL official cooperation streaming media live video will also provide GOTV synchronous broadcast. Chinese team will once again through the Asian Major impact Minor tournament eligibility.

The Swedish eSports organisation Ninjas in Pyjamas has removed CEO Per Lilliefelth from his position after allegations that players have not received their salaries free cs go skins were levied last week.

The company announced the 'necessary organisational changes' on Sunday, beginning with the immediate sacking of Lilliefelth.

Unnamed sources close to the organisation told journalist Richard Lewis that CS: GO players were yet to receive $340, 000 in prize money and deferred salaries as a result of in-game sticker sales.

Excuses given to the players ranged from tournaments not having paid the organisation, to the players themselves failing to meet contractually obliged streaming hour quotas.

"As CEO of a company, Per is the individual ultimately responsible for the business, and since he is a pragmatic person he accept responsibility for the mistakes that have been made, " NiP said in a release statement. "As a result of the recent challenging period we have decided to execute the changes earlier than initially planned. "

Former Trigono AB CEO Patric Jonsson will serve as interim CEO until next year, when it is hoped that current Chairman of the Board Hicham Chahine will transition to the role in the first half of 2016.

Following in the footsteps cheap cs go skins of fellow Call of Duty rival brand OpTic Gaming, FaZe Clan has joined the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive circuit by acquiring team G2 Esports.

The European squad, captained by Mikail "Maikelele" Bill, had been in talks with FaZe for some weeks before the news was revealed yesterday.

As G2, and previously Kinguin, the team has managed many high-placing finishes at tournaments such as DreamHack Cluj-Napoca and IEM San Jose, with top four placements at both.

In comparison, the US team picked up by their long-term rivals from the Call of Duty scene OpTic Gaming, has yet to qualify for a Major.

The influx of well-known Call of Duty brands at the start of this year is no doubt due to the increased prize pool offered by CS: GO tournaments in 2016 and the further widening of its audience by televised tournaments at Turner Broadcasting and ESPN coverage.

Operation Vanguard is over, but not without fanfare. A new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update was pushed yesterday, bringing several changes both large and small to cheap csgo keys the game's weapons, maps, and more.

First off, tagging values have been updated to the point where they've provided a guide to explain how the system works. Read it on the Steam Community page.

Among the tweaks made to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's arsenal is a decrease in players' scoped movement speed with the AWP and Autosnipers, effectively making peeking around corners while zoomed-in a riskier move.

The Tec-9's magazine size was also cut to 24 rounds, down from 32, and the MP7, MP9, and Mac-10 now have improved accuracy. The M4A1-S got bumped up in price slightly, costing $3200 instead of $3100.

Several maps were tweaked as well. Dust2's skybox around Long A doors, Catwalk, and Short have been opened up, granting some additional space up in the air for long-distance grenade tosses. Mirage got a similar skybox treatment behind the apartments among other fixes.

Overpass, Cobblestone, Train, and Cache were also updated, and Shorttrain has been re-added to map rotation. Check out the extensive list of map tweaks on the official Counter-Strike blog.

One of the most notable new features in the update is the StatTrak swap tool, which lets you transfer the StatTrak value between two weapons. No more losing your kill count when selling or trading a skin. You can buy the swap tool on the Steam Community Market.

Finally, chicken kills are now registered in server event logs, displaying info for both the attacker and weapon used. Temporary April Fools' joke or not, let's hope that one's here to stay.

Both seasons of the Mineski CS: GO Shootout had a prize pool of P50, 000, which is pretty huge considering that it has not been included into the official list of games at the time.

Given the number and caliber of the steam market cs go teams involved, this years’ MPGL CS: GO season should contain at least P100, 000 and if the season proves to be a success in terms of gameplay quality and viewer numbers, the succeeding seasons could see more teams participating and more prize money flowing in.

At a time when major leagues such as the Electronic Sports Entertainment Association (ESEA) and the Asian Gaming Community (AGC) are examining their doors to Southeast Asia, having a stable tournament system where local teams can hone their skills is of the utmost importance.

Mineski’s MPGL CS: GO Season 8 will offer teams such as Imperium and TnC a place where they can fine-tune their skills, while at the same time allowing sides such as Mineski and Raised by Wolves in order to practice certain strategies to be used when facing teams in Southeast Asia and beyond.

MPGL CS: GO is a win-win proposition for everyone involved in the tournament: The veterans get to scrim, the newcomers get to improve and Mineski gets to have its mark as the leading CS: GO organization in the country today.